Regina & Rich’s Spirit Journey

UPDATE: With the love and support of so many precious people we have a new to us Highlander Hybrid and our hearts are overflowing with gratitude. We are now ready to answer the call of spirit and travel as guided to serve as we are asked to serve and where we are asked to serve. We continue to be guided to Taos, New Mexico and the surrounding area and are excited about what and when we will be serving in that area. We thank you for your love and support in our Spirit Journey and we pray yours is fruitful as well. ~*~ Namaste

The past week has been a huge opportunity for growth for Rich and I. One day after returning from our sacred journey to New Mexico our sweet little Honda CRV blew the engine. Rich drives for a living so having no car means we have no money to pay bills.  Rich suffered a back injury three years ago that kept him from earning money to pay bills for a year. Even though we are still repairing Rich's credit after his back injury we went to the credit union and bank anyway thinking my credit would be good since I have not borrowed for years. Turns out not borrowing for years is as bad a having bad credit. 

After visiting our favorite used car salesman and getting possible solutions for either repairing our CRV or buying something from him it turns out that either way we must come up with $4,000. Even though Rich has been working 3AM to 9-10PM six days a week for some time now there is no way for us to come up with $4,000 even if we stop paying all of our bills and even with the proceeds from my holistic health practice.

While on our sacred journey to New Mexico we both felt spirit calling us to Taos, New Mexico to serve, to heal, and to teach in that and surrounding communities. During our time in New Mexico we held divine appointments with those who continue to encourage us to follow the calling of our spirit and serve where we are called. For us to be able to do so requires transportation and the money to pay our current bills as well as the expenses of following our calling. 

Letting Go: Rich has several antique pieces he inherited when his papa and mom passed that he is letting go of to try to raise some money towards the car. The kids and I are holding yard sales to sell what we can. We are trying to pawn our sailboat. And, I have taken a part-time job to help out in addition to my holistic health practice. 

Asking For Help: One of our areas of growth through this experience is asking for help. We, as many of you were, were raised that asking for help is a sign of weakness, failure, and many other negative terms. However, many of us are remembering that we are all one family and, by design, we need one another and need to be willing to ask and allow ourselves to receive help when we need it. 

Both Rich and I are Usui Reiki Masters and are honored to send Reiki to everyone who donates to help us secure a vehicle so that Rich can earn the money secure a vehicle so we may honor our spirit and serve where we are needed. We are grateful and humbled by your donations, your sharing of this request for help, and by your prayers and good intentions for us to follow our Spirit Journey and honor our calling to serve, heal and teach where we are guided.

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