Reiki Therapy

Reiki Benefits

Relaxation and Stress Management are the two things most people are interested in. Reiki is one of the most effective and efficient modalities for both relaxation and stress management. Learn More about Reiki below.

Reiki can be offered to:

  • Adults
  • Children
  • Infants
  • Animals
  • Spaces
  • Times of Need
  • Over any Distance or In-Person



"Sometime last year, I sought reiki and craniosacral treatments from Regina for stress headaches and jaw clenching. Little did I know my life was about to change! Not only did the treatments resolve my pain, but they did so much more for me than that. I left my sessions feeling lighter emotionally and mentally too, which is such a wonderful gift to offer someone. Do I recommend Regina as a healer, a teacher and an absolute expert in her field? Emphatically, yes! Don't wait one second longer to feel better!"

- Jennifer, Tulsa (Client & Reiki Training Graduate)

What Is Reiki?

Very simply put, Reiki flows through the body system gently restoring the life-force energy flow. The body is beautifully created and designed to heal itself. Reiki does not heal, nor does the practitioner who facilitates it. Reiki simply restores energy flow to enable the body to heal itself as designed. Since the source of Reiki is our Creator, Reiki goes where it is needed and cannot cause harm. After all, who knows best where we need healing than our Creator.

Reiki also allows the body to quiet the sympathetic nervous system and engage the parasympathetic nervous system. The sympathetic nervous system is engaged when we are active mentally or physically. The parasympathetic nervous system is engaged when we rest the mind and the body and they are still. The parasympathetic nervous system is where the body is allowed to heal itself as it was created to. 

In our busy daily lives we typically spend vast amounts of time with our sympathetic system engaged but little to no time engaging the parasympathetic even when we sleep. Since the parasympathetic is where the body is designed to promote healing our lack of time engaging it results in symptoms that the body hopes will encourage us to take the necessary “time off” to be restored and heal. Reiki encourages the sympathetic to take a break allowing the parasympathetic to engage. This is why every client comments on how relaxed and refreshed they feel following a session.

Because Reiki flows from the Creator it is not limited by time nor space. Reiki can and is offered over any distance and for any time needed like prayer. In fact, the Reiki I practice and teach is prayer-based Reiki. For me, prayer and Reiki are natural partners in the service of facilitating healing.

What to Expect from Your Reiki Session

At Integrative Holistic Solutions we offer prayer based Usui Reiki. As you come into the office for your session you will be guided to a private room with relaxation music playing softly. The lights will be dimmed for your relation. Reiki is offered while fully clothed so you need not be concerned with being asked to remove any clothing. You will however, be asked to turn off and place electronic devices on a table in the room as these may interfere with your results.

Once you are comfortably lying on the massage table your practitioner will begin the session. Each session is unique just as each individual is unique; however, here are some common things you may experience.

During the Reiki session you may experience coolness, warmth, tingling or any combination of these. Most clients experience a sense of peace and relaxation during the session. Some experience a burst of energy immediately following the session while others want a nap. Many people fall asleep and rest well during the session.

Every person receiving Reiki needs to increase their intake of pure water for at least the following three (3) days.  Since Reiki unlock blockages within the life force energy (ki) it may serve as a gentle detoxification therefore requiring increased water intake to flush the toxins out of the system.

As the practitioner is guided the session will draw to a close and the practitioner will provide any unique after care information you may need as well as any recommended follow up sessions.

The History Of Usui Reiki

As a boy, Mikao Usui (pronounced you-soo-ee) began to wonder if a healing method like Reiki existed. Born in 1865 in Japan, Usui attended a Tendai Buddhist school near Mt. Kurama where his studies included Kiko, the Japanese version of Qigong, a health and healing discipline based on the use of life-force energy (“ki” or “chi”).

Finding that this discipline required people to build up and then deplete their own life-force energy when giving treatments, Usui questioned whether it was possible to perform energy-based healing work without giving away one’s own “ki.” Legend has it that Reiki came to Usui at the very end of a 21-day program of prayer, meditation and chanting. While meditating on the mountain, he experienced intense white light shoot into his head’s Crown Chakra, bestowing the power of Reiki. His resultant enlightenment revealed the nature of this gift—-an easily passed-on healing technique enabling people to treat others with life-force energy without diminishing their own life-force energy

Dedicating himself to sharing this gift from above, Usui worked with the poor people of Kyoto for seven years. In 1922, he moved to Tokyo where he started a healing society called Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai (meaning the Usui System of Reiki Healing) and opened a Clinic. His presence was of huge benefit in 1923; when the great Kanto earthquake devastated the City—killing more than one hundred and forty thousand people and injuring countless others. Increased demand for his services led him to open a bigger Tokyo Clinic in 1925; and to travel around the country teaching and treating people. A recipient of the Japanese government’s Kun San To award for his honorable work, Usui taught more than two thousand students and initiated sixteen Reiki Master Teachers in his lifetime. He became known to his Students as Usui Sensei.



All therapies are intended to be complimentary of all other medical treatments. They are not meant as a substitute for medical or psychological diagnosis and treatment.  Our practitioners do not diagnose conditions, nor do they perform medical treatment, prescribe substances, or interfere with the treatment of a licensed medical professional.  All services available to those 18 years of age and older and minors with consent of legal guardian.

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