What People Are Saying About the Master Key Retreat

Self-Empowering, Life Changing, this weekend was Invaluable! Insight, clarity or understanding, and wisdom gained on both intellectual and spiritual levels have enabled me to go out and take on life, my marriage, my business, my relationships, with passion and purpose.

Very enjoyable time with an open mind and appreciative spirit. The food was excellent!

Conversation, examples and discussion after each practice helped me with understanding, recall and direct application of each practice. The balance of movement and stillness was perfect. The clean, healthy food was a happy bonus!

The practices reminded me that I have always had the knowledge and just needed to be reminded. There's no telling how long it would have taken me to remember, if ever,  if not for this workshop!

This has been a life changing workshop for which I am very grateful!


Master Key Practices

Master Key Retreat

Discover The Keys to Live Your Dreams in a safe and relaxing setting. Weekend Retreats allow you to learn the practices within a small group while enjoying organic, nutrient dense food to nurture your body as you practice.

I am living proof that the Master Key Practices can Work.

Seven years ago: five sizes heavier; told I could drop dead at any moment by my cardiologist; daily living in fear due to an abusive relationship, chronic fatigue, sublingual goiter.

Today: healthier then I have ever been in my life; no medications; daily living in a safe home, unconditionally loved in a harmonious relationship. 

Inspired by The Master Key System, the original book on law of attraction,  the Master Key Retreat teaches, guides and supports you through practices that Empower You to Live The Life Of Your Dreams.

Discover The Keys - Open The Door - Live Your Dreams! Join us for the Master Key Retreat! 

NEXT RETREAT: Saturday, October 8, 2016


9:00 AM - 7:00 PM

You Receive

  • Master Key Practices Workbook
  • The Master Key System Book
  • Lifetime Access to Techniques and Tips to Empower Your Practices
  • Lifetime Access to Private Online Community for Support, Encouragement, Accountability, and Mentorship
  • Meals, Snacks and Beverages (All Organic, Gluten-Free, Other Dietary Needs met As Requested)

All For Only : $111


About the Facilitator

Regina Ann has participated in and facilitated the Master Key System and the Master Key Retreats and Courses  more than 10 times. She is: a wife and mother of three sons; founder of Integrative Holistic Solutions; a holistic health practitioner and teacher; published author, artist, poet, speaker and presenter; Passionately Empowering Well-Being of Mind, Body & Soul. 


Discover The Keys to Live Your Dreams without leaving your home. The Master Key Practices Online Workshop offers you the training of the weekend workshops without having to travel. Study at your pace. Ask questions, receive feedback and support, enjoy the community.


You Receive -   

+ The Master Key Practices Workbook + Audio Practices Training

+ The Master Key System Book 

+ Lifetime Access to Techniques and Tips to Empower Your Practices 

+ Lifetime Access to Private Online Community for Support, Encouragement, Accountability, and Mentorship