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All Training is focused on Empowering Well Being of Body, Mind and Spirit. Training is offered on an individual basis or in small groups. If you are interested in hosting a group training or would like to inquire about a training not listed, please use the Contact page to submit your request.

*Individual Training Offered Tuesday thru Saturday By Appointment Only


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Do you Dream of Abundance, Prosperity, Health, Love, Happiness? Conscious Co-Creation Empowers You to Live the Life You Dream! 

What People Are Saying About Past Workshops

+ This has been a life changing workshop for which I am very grateful!

+ Self-Empowering, Life Changing, this workshop was Invaluable!

  • Conscious Co-Creation Foundational Four Workbook and Training
  • Guided Practice and Support 
  • The Master Key System Book. (Widely recognized as the Original Law of Attraction Book.) 

About the Facilitator:  Regina Ann has participated in and facilitated the Master Key System,  Master Key Retreats and Co-Creation Courses  for a decade leading people through the practices that can change their lives after having used these practices to change her own.

Empath Empowerment Training

Do you feel too much? Do you often feel overwhelmed? Whether you are empathic, clairsentient, intuitive, psychic or a combination of these and other gifts, there are tools to Empower You to thrive and flourish in harmony with your gifts.

The tools offered you through this training are the tools that quite possibly saved my life. For those of us who are highly sensitive in whatever ways society labels us, daily life can be daunting when you are not equipped to live in harmony with your gifts. These tools changed my life and over the years, they have changed the lives of those I have shared them with. Now I offer them to you.

Empath Empowerment Training is offered as an individual training—most beneficial for those who cannot yet handle shared space easily, and in small groups—beneficial for those comfortable with small groups who appreciate the support of others in their training process.  $75

Reiki Training

Reiki has been shown to offer a great many benefits to health and wellness. Reiki is regularly used in more than 1,200 hospitals and clinics in the United States and even more abroad. Reiki is a gentle method of facilitating healing of the physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual bodies.

Usui Reiki Third Degree Master Teacher, Regina Ann, offers Usui Reiki Training to those whose applications are approved. Regina Ann has modeled her Usui Reiki Training on translated documents of Dr. Usui's Original Teaching Model.

You may pay as you go or ask about our prepaid discounts. Each Training Session $75

Usui Reiki First Degree Master Training

  • Usui Reiki History & Ki Training and Practice 
  • Antahkarena Training and Practice
  • Chakra Training and Practice

Usui Reiki Second Degree Master Training

  • Usui Reiki Symbol I Training & Attunement
  • Usui Reiki Symbol II Training & Attunement
  • Usui Reiki Symbol III Training & Attunement

Usui Reiki Third Degree MasterTraining

  • Usui Reiki Symbol IV Training & Attunement

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