Well EmpoweredTraining

All Training is focused on Empowering Well Being of Body, Mind and Spirit. Training is offered on an individual basis or in small groups. If you are interested in hosting a group training or would like to inquire about a training not listed, please use the Contact page to submit your request.

*Individual Training Offered Tuesday thru Saturday By Appointment Only

Empath Empowerment Training

Do you feel too much? Do you often feel overwhelmed? Whether you are empathic, clairsentient, intuitive, psychic or a combination of these and other gifts, there are tools to Empower You to thrive and flourish in harmony with your gifts.

The tools offered you through this training are the tools that quite possibly saved my life. For those of us who are highly sensitive in whatever ways society labels us, daily life can be daunting when you are not equipped to live in harmony with your gifts. These tools changed my life and over the years, they have changed the lives of those I have shared them with. Now I offer them to you.

Empath Empowerment Training is offered as an individual training—most beneficial for those who cannot yet handle shared space easily, and in small groups—beneficial for those comfortable with small groups who appreciate the support of others in their training process. 

Reiki Training

Attunement and Training Offered Include:

Reiki I: Directs energy to the physical body. Can be used for protection and to cleanse negative energy.  

Reiki II: The "Peacemaker" is truly a protective shield of armor. Can instill courage, scorch addictions, and expel negative energies. (Prerequisite: Reiki I)  

Reiki Level III:  Allows one to break the illusion of separation through both time and space. Allows one to offer Reiki over distances of time and space. (Prerequisite: Reiki I & II) 

Reiki Level IV: Indicates light, clarity, intention, understanding, silence. It represents the beating heart of Reiki. (Prerequisite: Reiki Levels I, II, III)

Reiki Level V: Introduction and Training on the use of Antahkarena and Tachyon Energy, (Prerequisites: Reiki I, II, III, & IV)

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